Yay for new iPads!

My Dad just died. I have to say that the whole thing pretty much sucks, but I want to talk instead about getting a new iPad. A couple of things to set the scene:

I was lucky to have a really great couple of weeks on vacation in Mexico with my folks right before my dad’s stroke. The last night was a dinner party with me on ukulele for much of the night. It was lovely except for the songs where my iPad (with the chords) would crash and mid song I had to look at the group and say ‘sorry, that’s all for that one’. I lucked out when in the ICU playing for Dad it only crashed twice, but I think that for my mom it solidified my needing a new iPad (bless her face).

So, off to the Apple Store at the mall we went. It generally takes a bit to get some help there. And then of course I had not hooked my old iPad up to the cloud (on purpose, for reasons). And of course I did not have enough cloud memory and had to buy more. But first, of course, I had to change all my passwords because I have them all listed in a book at my house, where I was not. And then, of course, it takes awhile. 38 minutes.

My mom has many virtues, patience is not one of them. Distraction is the best route. Since the helpful Apple employee had sat us down at a computer I decided to read her blog posts by The Bloggess. I knew she liked her, and started reading this post. In case you did not click the link (which you should) Jenny Lawson was invited to take part in the Vaginal Fantasies Book Club where awesome women live-stream reading/discussing smut and drinking for your entertainment. The Bloggess was excited and wore an awesome vagina hat. This is what I decided to read my mom. Out loud. In public. I am not so smart.

There was a perfectly nice seeming older gentleman standing near us. He did not appreciate the phrase ‘vagina hat’ nearly as much as we did. To his credit it must have been the third time I read the word vagina out loud when he finally gave us a really dirty look and pointedly walked away. Oops.

Maybe I should have a bit more tact, but I was thankful for all the giggles (thanks Jenny!). Probably the funniest thing all week. Except maybe our insistence on calling the organ donation organization ‘Organ Reapers’ instead of the slightly cheesier ‘Gift of Life’. Yeah, probably need more tact.

Also, no more crashing, so mission accomplished.