Oy, this guy…

There seems to be a trendy ‘get off my lawn’ topic of late: millennial special snowflakes and PC culture are ruining our education system! I ain’t buying it. 

I *may* have ranted a bit on the Facebook about this article. And this one. In the end it was  this video by Neel Kolhatkar that made me take angry notes, and that means blog post.

When I looked over my notes what stood out was that everything that made me go into rant mode and yell at my iPad was a strawman argument:

“A straw man is a common form of argument and is an informal fallacy based on giving the impression of refuting an opponent’s argument, while actually refuting an argument which was not advanced by that opponent.” (Thanks Wikipedia!)

Hope you watched the video as I am now going to start quoting random crap from it…and refuting it.

“We don’t ask questions, questions are offensive”

Who the fuck says that? Just because a question you asked was offensive does not mean the person you are talking to thinks *all* questions are offensive. Reality: this thing you asked was offensive. Strawman: questions are offensive.

“Stop violating me with your different opinions”

Again, who the fuck says that? Perhaps (just perhaps) you are being called on having a terrible opinion. I personally love differing opinions, but if you sound like enough of an asshole I will stop talking to you. (As an aside, I can’t even with the violating terminology, SMH at the exaggeration) Reality: terrible opinion. Strawman: different opinion. 

“We have the right not to be offended”

Once again, who the fuck? Everyone has the right to an offensive opinion, and everyone else has the right to call them out for it. Relevant XKCD. Reality: folks have a right to call others on offensive shit. Strawman: folks have a right to not be offended.

There are a couple of overarching problems I have with “Modern Educayshun”, the false dichotomy of facts vs feelings, a fear of affirmative action going too far because of PC culture. I never *get* any of this. I find that folks bitching about oversensitive PC culture are just being pissy about not being able to say asshole things without being called on it. After all, we have (mostly) culturally decided to stop using ‘gay’ and ‘retard’ without any more ill effect than some folks being sad they can’t publicly insult others anymore. Way easier to blame the discomforts of change on special snowflake millennials than take a look at ourselves though.