Why I get fussed even when I am just trying to buy cranberry juice…

When in line at my awesome local market yesterday the couple in front of me was just buying a juice with a credit card. The woman behind the register pointed out a little sign stating a requested credit card minimum at which point one of the customers began loudly expounding on how that is illegal and should she pull it up on her phone to prove it blah blah blah. This *might* be a pet peeve of mine after twenty some years in retail.

I pointed out that it is not technically illegal, what it *is* is in violation of the terms of agreement between the retailer and the credit card processor. I guess by extension violating an agreement it is illegal? Anywho, the woman was visibly annoyed at me and put her juice back, despite the fact that the woman working had said she would run the card.

Being obsessive I thought about this interaction for the next hour or two. I think what got me was how misguided that attitude is. The credit card companies set up a situation where the consumer wants to use a card and it is more expensive for the store for a smaller purchase, we are all manipulated.

The folks that bitch about a minimum invariably have a smug attitude of the big bad business trying to take advantage of the poor customer, but they are taking a stand! What they are actually taking a stand for is the credit card companies’ ability to make more money off us all. So effectively while fighting for the small guy (themselves) they have actually fought for the big guy and against the small independent minority owned business. Yeah honey, you go with your bad self.

Also, as of 2010 it is totally legal to have up to a $10 minimum as per the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. Gotta use that info next time.


Yay for new iPads!

My Dad just died. I have to say that the whole thing pretty much sucks, but I want to talk instead about getting a new iPad. A couple of things to set the scene:

I was lucky to have a really great couple of weeks on vacation in Mexico with my folks right before my dad’s stroke. The last night was a dinner party with me on ukulele for much of the night. It was lovely except for the songs where my iPad (with the chords) would crash and mid song I had to look at the group and say ‘sorry, that’s all for that one’. I lucked out when in the ICU playing for Dad it only crashed twice, but I think that for my mom it solidified my needing a new iPad (bless her face).

So, off to the Apple Store at the mall we went. It generally takes a bit to get some help there. And then of course I had not hooked my old iPad up to the cloud (on purpose, for reasons). And of course I did not have enough cloud memory and had to buy more. But first, of course, I had to change all my passwords because I have them all listed in a book at my house, where I was not. And then, of course, it takes awhile. 38 minutes.

My mom has many virtues, patience is not one of them. Distraction is the best route. Since the helpful Apple employee had sat us down at a computer I decided to read her blog posts by The Bloggess. I knew she liked her, and started reading this post. In case you did not click the link (which you should) Jenny Lawson was invited to take part in the Vaginal Fantasies Book Club where awesome women live-stream reading/discussing smut and drinking for your entertainment. The Bloggess was excited and wore an awesome vagina hat. This is what I decided to read my mom. Out loud. In public. I am not so smart.

There was a perfectly nice seeming older gentleman standing near us. He did not appreciate the phrase ‘vagina hat’ nearly as much as we did. To his credit it must have been the third time I read the word vagina out loud when he finally gave us a really dirty look and pointedly walked away. Oops.

Maybe I should have a bit more tact, but I was thankful for all the giggles (thanks Jenny!). Probably the funniest thing all week. Except maybe our insistence on calling the organ donation organization ‘Organ Reapers’ instead of the slightly cheesier ‘Gift of Life’. Yeah, probably need more tact.

Also, no more crashing, so mission accomplished.


I am a feminist!

Watching this video has prompted conversations in my life. It is really great, with all the little niggly points coming together in an awesome conclusion. I doubt my ability to sum it up well, so go watch it. Really. Here it is again.

As always I work through my thoughts by asking everyone questions, this week’s was ‘how do you define feminism?’. There was one answer I got that particularly struck me. After stating the basics of being equality focused on women he explained that most self identified feminists fall into a particular and annoying personality type. I enthusiastically raised my hand announcing myself as a self identified feminist, he shook his head indicating that I was not in the annoying category.

His point was that there is a certain personality that loudly self identifies as one and only one thing, be it feminist, atheist, lesbian, whatever. I agree with that type of one trick pony being frustrating in conversation as well as a bit boring. I am saddened that it is the first association with feminism in my friend’s head, especially since he is not anti-feminist. It is the kind of pervasive thinking keeping a negative stereotype of feminism at the front of the feminism conversation.

I am thinking today that I need to get a bit louder about my self identification. The more quantity and variety of people that vocally self identify the harder it will be to describe feminism as a crazy fringe man hating group of people.

Why the hell am I doing this?

I feel like I am failing at my blog experiment.
I was kind of proud of my first couple posts. I spent a good chunk of time on them. I researched, edited, rewrote, learned things and put stuff out there. I have not done so in the last couple of months, obviously.

There are a myriad of reasons to write a blog. I can see a wide variety just in people I am close to that have vastly different thinking and reasons.

One good friend started to put her creative writing out there. It morphed into putting opinions and thoughts out along with the stories.

Another friend had a blog to deal with grief, and built a community of sharing and understanding through it. She started a second to share her crafty fabulous projects with anyone interested.

My brother does it to get ideas out of his head. He has so many awesome things kicking around in there that it can be hard to focus, once it is on the blog he can file that particular idea under done on the blog and get on with other things.

I think my reasons are closest to my brother’s, get things out of my head. I see so many things online that anger or excite me. The things that anger me I am often afraid of having public discussions about for fear of pissing off friends. Through the blog I can have a conversation with myself and clarify my positions on things. Then I can file it under done and move on.

Problem is that I then the standard for myself pretty high and I simply do not have the time to do this on a regular basis. Because I want to spend my time doing this:

and this:

and this:

I could post pictures for hours of my hobbies, but I won’t (for now anyway).

So now I am giving myself permission to post short and less thoroughly examined opinions. Hopefully this way I can get things out of my head and still devote time to my billion other hobbies.