Why I get fussed even when I am just trying to buy cranberry juice…

When in line at my awesome local market yesterday the couple in front of me was just buying a juice with a credit card. The woman behind the register pointed out a little sign stating a requested credit card minimum at which point one of the customers began loudly expounding on how that is illegal and should she pull it up on her phone to prove it blah blah blah. This *might* be a pet peeve of mine after twenty some years in retail.

I pointed out that it is not technically illegal, what it *is* is in violation of the terms of agreement between the retailer and the credit card processor. I guess by extension violating an agreement it is illegal? Anywho, the woman was visibly annoyed at me and put her juice back, despite the fact that the woman working had said she would run the card.

Being obsessive I thought about this interaction for the next hour or two. I think what got me was how misguided that attitude is. The credit card companies set up a situation where the consumer wants to use a card and it is more expensive for the store for a smaller purchase, we are all manipulated.

The folks that bitch about a minimum invariably have a smug attitude of the big bad business trying to take advantage of the poor customer, but they are taking a stand! What they are actually taking a stand for is the credit card companies’ ability to make more money off us all. So effectively while fighting for the small guy (themselves) they have actually fought for the big guy and against the small independent minority owned business. Yeah honey, you go with your bad self.

Also, as of 2010 it is totally legal to have up to a $10 minimum as per the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. Gotta use that info next time.


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