I am a feminist!

Watching this video has prompted conversations in my life. It is really great, with all the little niggly points coming together in an awesome conclusion. I doubt my ability to sum it up well, so go watch it. Really. Here it is again.

As always I work through my thoughts by asking everyone questions, this week’s was ‘how do you define feminism?’. There was one answer I got that particularly struck me. After stating the basics of being equality focused on women he explained that most self identified feminists fall into a particular and annoying personality type. I enthusiastically raised my hand announcing myself as a self identified feminist, he shook his head indicating that I was not in the annoying category.

His point was that there is a certain personality that loudly self identifies as one and only one thing, be it feminist, atheist, lesbian, whatever. I agree with that type of one trick pony being frustrating in conversation as well as a bit boring. I am saddened that it is the first association with feminism in my friend’s head, especially since he is not anti-feminist. It is the kind of pervasive thinking keeping a negative stereotype of feminism at the front of the feminism conversation.

I am thinking today that I need to get a bit louder about my self identification. The more quantity and variety of people that vocally self identify the harder it will be to describe feminism as a crazy fringe man hating group of people.


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