May the blessings be with you

Yesterday someone (my single reader for the day) found my blog by searching the term ‘if a guy tells you to have a blessed day’. I did a google search for the same and did not see my blog on the first few pages. They must have had some serious questions about that phrase if they went that far into a search is my conclusion.

I read many of the links in the first couple pages. It was an interesting mix of people (much like myself) being a wee bit fed up with hearing the phrase and others complaining about the fed up people.

What reading all that got me thinking about is how to respond. The only time I have responded with anything but a vaguely uncomfortable smile did not really turn out so well, and there is usually not time in the situations where I hear it. Also, I am not quick on my feet conversationally, so I need to think about it ahead of time. I am leaning towards one of these:

If they say it’s not my birthday, I can say I am not religious! Ok, this *may be* passive aggressive.

Because who doesn’t love a Star Wars reference? Then again, the people saying this would probably wonder who doesn’t want blessings.


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