I think I am jealous of Tim Minchin

I absolutely adore what I know of Tim Minchin’s work, he is pretty much the perfect public personality for me. I see him as socially liberal, logic and science based, and hilarious. My introduction to Tim Minchin was his Storm video. It is an animated comedic beat poem about his skepticism of a woman’s pseudoscientific beliefs. I highly recommend it, watch it if you have not.

The other day I was watching this (even more likely to offend people) video and cackling with glee. I had a desire to post it on some sort of social media but was held back by a fear of pissing people off (instead I just emailed it to my mom, hi Mom). I talk and think quite a bit about being kind in debates and arguments. I often present my opinions with qualifications so as to soften them and make them more palatable. I do think this is often a good thing, but I also often wish I had the confidence to put my opinions out there, consequences be damned.



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