Defining ‘open minded’

What does being open minded mean to you? To me it means being willing to change your mind. I consider myself quite open minded, as in the face of compelling evidence I am not only willing, but usually excited to change my mind. It has been insinuated, and sometimes flat out stated, that I am not open minded. How does this dichotomy happen? Am I working with a different definition than others? Am I falling for a confirmation bias where I am only remembering instances that show my open mindedness? Is it that everyone wants to be considered open minded and fits the definition to themselves?

The first step is getting an actual definition. These are the first three that showed up in my google search:

Definition 1:
willing to consider new ideas; unprejudiced.

Definition 2:
1. having or showing a mind receptive to new ideas or arguments.
2. unprejudiced; unbigoted; impartial.

Definition 3:
Open mindedness is when even if you think you are right, you know that you can be wrong and are always willing to listen to and hear an opposing or contradictory view.
Open minded people have views but know that their views do not have to be held by everyone. Open minded people also know that their views can be wrong.

Since a dictionary definition is not always what people mean when I proceeded to ask everyone that was willing to talk to me for long enough. There were some long conversations, hopefully I can pare it down to salient points.

-Being willing to change one’s mind
-Being objective (with the caveat that it is impossible to be completely objective)
-Not making judgement till one hears all of the argument
-Being open to hearing all evidence
-Trust in others knowledge, opinion and experience
-Being open to more than measurable
-Being open to anything not ‘known’
-Willing to consider any and all ideas
-Being mindful of predispositions

Some of these are quite relevant to the issue, others (to me) are beside the point. So far I am sticking with my definition, perhaps adding a willingness to listen to evidence and an attempt at objectivity (I kind of thought them implied at the start, but clarity is always better). What is your definition?


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