Don’t make an ass out of U and umption….

People often make assumptions about what I do believe based on what they have heard me say I don’t believe. The assumption is usually a bit wrong.

The assumption:
Because I defend GMO’s I must be pro Monsanto or pro all GMOs.

My reality (as best as I can phrase it at the moment):
The fact of the matter is, I hate Monsanto. I find their business practices irresponsible. I still see the possibility for positive effects from GMOs. I also think there are more and less responsible ways of genetically modifying foods. For me the conversations worth having are what is responsible and how to fix the problems with Monsanto while allowing for responsible and potentially beneficial GMOs. Is it government regulation? Is it a more responsible company competing? I’m not sure, let’s talk about it…

The assumption:
Because I am skeptical of many (most) alternative medicines I must be pro western medicine and our medical system.


I found this image here, first perusal the post seems fairly balanced, though I must take a closer look at the site before I vouch for it.

My reality (as best as I can phrase it at the moment):
I believe our system is jacked. I am still pro science based medicine (where science means clinical trials and evidence based decisions). There is too much money pressure in the whole system (why do drug companies advertise straight to consumers on TV? The consumers have no medical degree.). There needs to be more focus on preventative medicine (including diet, exercise and vaccines). I like to quote Michael Specter’s TED talk (though I usually paraphrase it):
“we hate Big Pharma. We hate Big Government. We don’t trust the Man. And we shouldn’t: Our health care system sucks. It’s cruel to millions of people. It’s absolutely astonishingly cold and soul-bending to those of us who can even afford it. So we run away from it, and where do we run? We leap into the arms of Big Placebo.”

I said once that I am an equal opportunity ranter. I am also an equal opportunity skeptic. I am skeptical of politicians, of large corporations, of any new scientific miracle cure (stem cell therapy, especially for dogs), of any miracle cure diet (super foods I’m lookin’ at you) and much more. I want evidence for everything from sources I trust.

This meme seems to have taken drawings from ‘Hyperbole and a Half‘ and text from a protest sign. I am sure permission was not gotten to use them, but I like it…

Also, have I mentioned how much I love comments (respectful comments ideally)? I want different opinions that help me rethink my opinions and beliefs, thinking and rethinking is awesome. The occasional ‘go you’ comment is also lovely and self affirming. I should now do unto others and go make some comments…


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