I like stanchions


There are a bunch of commercials for TD bank aimed at ‘banking human again’. I get it, large companies can be impersonal. But this particular commercial is making up problems. If you don’t feel like watching it is the one about ‘rope lines’, apparently they are bad. The bank I use for work has apparently bought into this idea and gotten rid of them. Now it is terribly awkward figuring out where to stand, who is in the commercial line, who is next, etc. I liked the clarity of the rope line. So did the tellers and the security guards (I asked). I fully realize that this is my most petty rant so far. But really, the only choices are not ‘be human’ vs have a rope line. I do believe that is a false dichotomy. Grrrrr.

Seriously, go ahead and laugh at me. This is such a silly thing to be stuck in my craw…


2 thoughts on “I like stanchions

    • Do they not need to line up for anything in Europe? Do they not get mad when someone waltzes in and gets helped first? I do not understand.
      (I read all your bits! I should comment more…)

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