Why the hell am I doing this?

I feel like I am failing at my blog experiment.
I was kind of proud of my first couple posts. I spent a good chunk of time on them. I researched, edited, rewrote, learned things and put stuff out there. I have not done so in the last couple of months, obviously.

There are a myriad of reasons to write a blog. I can see a wide variety just in people I am close to that have vastly different thinking and reasons.

One good friend started to put her creative writing out there. It morphed into putting opinions and thoughts out along with the stories.

Another friend had a blog to deal with grief, and built a community of sharing and understanding through it. She started a second to share her crafty fabulous projects with anyone interested.

My brother does it to get ideas out of his head. He has so many awesome things kicking around in there that it can be hard to focus, once it is on the blog he can file that particular idea under done on the blog and get on with other things.

I think my reasons are closest to my brother’s, get things out of my head. I see so many things online that anger or excite me. The things that anger me I am often afraid of having public discussions about for fear of pissing off friends. Through the blog I can have a conversation with myself and clarify my positions on things. Then I can file it under done and move on.

Problem is that I then the standard for myself pretty high and I simply do not have the time to do this on a regular basis. Because I want to spend my time doing this:

and this:

and this:

I could post pictures for hours of my hobbies, but I won’t (for now anyway).

So now I am giving myself permission to post short and less thoroughly examined opinions. Hopefully this way I can get things out of my head and still devote time to my billion other hobbies.


2 thoughts on “Why the hell am I doing this?

  1. If it ain’t fun – don’t do it!
    Good things come in small packages!
    Your posts are worth the wait!
    That’s all I got… 🙂

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